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New top finally on order

I made a decision this morning and ordered from Prestige in England. They had a 'sale' on EBay for $420.00, postal at $30.00. Not bad.The fabric is described as "Original Quality Mohair Fabric and feature Original Thickness 'Flexglas' windows." We shall see how it compares to the GAHH top on the car now.
I got a little uneasy when reviewing most of the tops priced under $500.00, because it is very difficult to establish the fabric quality. And I got tired of trying to figure out if the 'original' 'OEM' 'German' etc. labels really told me anything. And I was confused when I got into the whole Sonnenland Haartz fabric business discussion.
In the end, I think any top under $300.00 would be disappointing, with thin fabric and windows. Tops in the $400.00 - $500.00 range seem to be relatively good quality, and over $500.00, same quality but way too pricey. I won't know about the fit and finish until I actually get the top, and I sure wish I had more responses to this thread from owners experiences.
I intend to do a thread with pictures later when my buddy and I do the install. He has done several MG and Miata tops, so armed with my Robbins top installation video, we should be good to go.
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