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Well you asked for user input so here goes

I just purchased a top from Germanex. Germanex called their material German. Now I know, at least as much as my Alzheimer's will allow, when I called him he said it was the original German material. But now, because of the info from another user on MBWorld, I called and he said they carry two "German" materials, classic and A5 (never heard this nomenclature before) but don't have any classic left, in my color of Blue/Tan. According to the installer what I got was Stayfast. According to him the quality of the build was good, at least as good as the GAHH he orders normally, and the price of 350 shipped was good as well so just be careful.

Did I get taken? Don't know. To Germanex's credit he did offer to have UPS pick it up and returned at his expense but by the time I got the installer it was already on the car. Maybe I was less than completely clear in my request but I think I should have been told that there were two options on material and told the difference and offered a choice.

So bottom line is I think Germanex should be avoided due to his less than complete answering. I won't call it deceit but I do feel a bit snookered.
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