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cured! (?)

OK. The problem *appears* to be fixed.
I got her up on ramps, beat on the starter with a hammer for a while...attempting to jostle the brushes just enough to get them back in alignment.
No such luck. Tried this repeatedly with no results (other than a stiff neck and a cold butt from laying on the concrete floor in 18 degree weather! )
At the point when I could no longer feel my fingers, I decided to go inside to warm up and read teh manual for some possible troubleshooting ideas. 99.9% of what I read was already covered in this forum (other posts I read) except for one thing.
The manual suggested that maybe something was loose or something at the ignition cylinder connection inside the dash.
SO, I removed the panel under the dash as well as the instrument cluster only to find that there was one bright white wire that was not directly attached, but coming off one of the lines connected to the ignition. THis wire was hanging pretty loose.
Not actually thinking that this would fix MY problem, I simply reattached and taped it up tight.
I turned the key and VROOOOOOOM! she started right up.
So now, I am thinking that I am a genious or an idiot. More along the idiot, probably but hey my car runs great!

MANY thanks to dieseldon and rs90kirk and all who have helped me out here!
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