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Aloha Aaron...

For the fronts, 35 mm means it will be a little over 1/2" closer to the engine. Look under the car and see if you can do that. Do the same at the rear. It may not even bolt up, but I'm not sure. If they bolt up, and you want to try, that's your decision. I'm not sure about what damage, if any, would result from that. I'm conservative, and I like an exact fit, as oppsed to a close fit. So if it were me, I'd spend my money on something that fit precisely. Just my 2 cents worth.

My rims are 18 x 8 MOMO Arrows, now a discontinued style. I bought them from a shop in California and had them shipped to me in Hawaii.

Take your time looking, 'cause I'm sure you'll find just the right ones.

Best of luck,

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