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Re: When decelerating engine dies, please help?

I would suggest you find a way to change the rotor button anyway. I'm not sure of an easy way, but mauybe some other member here may have some suggestions.

Also, have you changed the fuel filter?

How does your cruise control work?
This may seem like a weird question to ask, but this is why-

1987-1988 Mercedes 300E, 300D, 300TD, 190D, 190E
Cruise control will disengage intermittently. Engine cuts out when vehicle comes to a stop.

Beginning with the production date of May 1987, the Hall-effect sensor, which is mounted on the speedometer, may have a defective cold solder joint on the sensor output pin.

If your vehicle exhibits these symptoms;

1: Cruise control will not engage at all.
2: Engaged cruise control will disengage intermittently.
3: Your 1988 vehicle cuts out when you come to a stop but will restart immediately.

Gently wiggle the output pin. If any movement is detected, the sensor is defective and should be replaced. After June 1988 an improved part was made (stamped 6.88) even though the part number remains the same.

(One more thing, I also remember reading that a bad bulb in the taillights can cause the cruise control to act up)
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