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Fuel Density

Brother of The Benz, Capt. Carageous
The fuel cooler servse two functions;
The most obvious is cooling the fuel to eliminate vapor locking,
But I believe the best return for the cooler is fuel density.
By cooling the fuel your engine recieves a denser fuel charge than the heated fuel you would recieve without the cooling.
What does all of this bumbo Jumbo relate to?
More horsepower from the greater charge of fuel at compression and combustion.
Do you need the cooler in your area?
Not for vapor lock prevention but yes for the denser fuel charge.
If you decide to bypass the cooler you may get less performance output from your engine.
Consider the dragsters of time past, they used a container with coiled tubing inside and a coolant in the container trying to increase the fuel density.
Your engine would not die without it but may perform less than designed.
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