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I have driven over 700,000 miles on on five cars, A Datsun, three Toyotas and a Honda. I have replaced two water pumps and one clutch and two front rotors. I have only driven my MB for 32,000 miles and have replaced;
foglight lens (2)
window switch
AC compressor and dryer
Climate control elements (5) (entire dash out)
Fuel pump relay
Fuel pumps
O2 sensor
Coolant sensor (fuel injection)
CIS-E unit (ouch)
door checks
Fan pulley, tensioner and shock and fan bracket
Rear window regulator
Flex disc (front)
radio antenna
Valve seals and guides
headlight lens (50 bucks for a piece of glass)
Timing chain and so on
This by no means fits my definition of the words dependable or durable.

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