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Weird Idling=stall?

I own a 10981 300TD turbodiesel...

My car wouldn't start for a couple months after what turned out to be a simple fix(I guess the "lift pump" became disengaged and had to be tightened and the fuel lines purged of air). Needless to say, Iam nowhere near a mechanic and I am trying to learn!

It was running better than ever since I had just replaced the glow plugs prior to the above incident.

The other day I started it, noticed it was idling roughly and kind of "gasping", then when I backed it out of the garage, it died. I started it again, same scenario. Started it again, gave it some gas for a few seconds and it did not die this time but continued to idle roughly, I did not drive it to work. Later in the day after work, I tried starting it again, this time it did not seem to be idling too roughly but I did not drive it around the block to make sure.

I am a little concerned... Does this sound like a problem to any of you more experienced folks? Thanks for any suggestions or help you could give me!!!
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