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At last my engine runs (very fast)----MB doc suggested(06-09-99)---"that the cold start relay could be stuck --unplug cold start valve and see if engine runs any better---also the vacuum hose for the m.a.p sensor could leak"---QUESTION would like to check that first before resetting tick over---where are they located------------------------------ I feel I have to check every thing on this engine timing dwell valves compressions etc---trying to locate timing marks ---looking around main crankshaft area in engine front so far have not seen them (lot of belts in this area) QUESTION am I looking in right place------------------------------------------would like to use a remote starter switch but dont want to cause any damage QUESTION where would be the best place to fix this and having started engine what is the best way to stop the engine from under the hood

syd 81.300SD.196k
72.300SEL 4.5
mileage.Only god knows!