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99 E300's

I've got a 99 E300, and this is one of the first posts i've seen regarding it, and haven't heard of these problems yet. Actually i've had a few problems on mine, with just 34k miles. Had to have all the injectors replaced (under warranty) because they weren't fogging properly. Had a fuel leak. Had a small coolant leak. Rear shocks had to be replaced. Sunroof tracks/motor replaced. Rattle in the headliner revealed headliner clips too loose (dealer found and fixed, thank god). And the car's computer randomly will say that I have a defective lamp, but nobody can ever find the defective lamp at the dealer. This car has been at about the quality of a yugo at this point. Love how it drives and looks, but i'm hoping i've gotten the little bugs out of the way. This has ALL happened between 21 and 34k. Any thoughts? The dealer's 'diesel' guy who's worked on benzes for years says the engine sounds great and everything is perfect now, etc... Has anyone else experienced problems like this, or what are the common problems to look for?? Hadn't heard the one about the fog lights wiring. Thanks in advance...
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