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I have a Oil pressure problem 93 400 SEL

Recently I have been seeing the oil pressure gage go to 0 after driving for about 30 Mins. And sometimes the light even comes on.

Please allow me to explain what happens. I know this is a bit long and I thank you for your time. I thought it was the oil causing this so I changed it but it still happens. I have fresh Oil in there, 10W-40 and a new filter. Only two days old. I start the car in the morning to warm it up a bit, the needle is at 3 and once warm enough to drive the needle goes to 1 or 1.5. After being on the road for about 30 minutes the needle dips to 0 once at idle and at 3 once you accelerate. The red light in the gage comes after you take your foot off the gas and place it on the brakes to slow down or stop, occasionally not all the times. Once stopped the needle is still at 0 but the light goes out. I start accelerating again and the car moves and the RPMs reach about 1200 or so and then the needle jumps, in a flicker to 1.5 or 2 and than goes up to 3 gradually. That does not happen if once the car is first driven, and only recently started happening.

I know the oil is clean and it is up to a safe level.

I have a few questions, as I am sure you have too.

What causes the light to go on, if the needle hits 0 and some times it still does not go on and some times it does, how are the needle and the light connections?

Since the needle jumps and have a spontaneous behavior, can it be my sensor?

How can I check to know what is wrong, Sensor, oil Pump, or anything else?

Important question.
If it is the inevitable bearing job, how much $$$ are we talking here. And what else needs to be replaced.

I am mechanically inclined, I do so many things to the car, but I never went into the Engine, can I do this.

I do not notice a loss of power, or noise, or hesitation at all the, care rids fine.

I thank you in advance, and any reply will be much appreciated.
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