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97 E320 Starting woes

I have a 97 e320 that's exhibits periods of failing to start.
What I mean is, Car has 40K miles, Brand new battery, New Plugs, and at any given time, It will not catch when cranked.

It will be ok, no problem then out of the blue, Crank for however long you hold the key( not long) but won't catch to start.

Wait a minute try again, starts.

Other times, go for days no problem, One time won't start, then wait a few seconds, start on 3 or 4 revolutions.

Can't determine if it temp related, Can sit for a while in the cold, It acts up. Other times, right up.

Sit for a 10 minute period cooling off, Won't start.
Others times go in store, come out, first try, starts.

No rhyme or reason.

Any thoughts or ideas to check?

Mike Mullins
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