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Choo Chung Chieh
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Hello all! I've got quite a few problems with my 1995 E220. The front passenger's door map pocket is loose (mine's a right hand drive) and after having a look, it seems like there's a black plastic hook that's not in place. And I also notice that above the area, there's a straight hole, one on top of each hook. How can I fix it without sending the car to the mechanic? One other thing is the car leather. It has completely lost it's small of leather and it feels hard. And each time you move around, you can heard it rubbing against the door trims or anywhere, very annoying. There are long white lines, which I doubt are sratches. How do I fix them? I polsih and wax the leather every fortnight. Anything I'm doing wrong? And the electric seat are noisy!
Chung Chieh
1995 Japanese E220