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Brothers of The Benz,
For those of us with high- miles engines, the pay-back isn't monitary but in what the superior filtration does to your engines.
As I said earlier my test on Tow Motor engines was quite astounding.
One engine had over 1500 engine hours and was typical with a sludgy crankcase and non-detergent oil.
A oil sample was taken and analysied.
The report was that the engine was in need of major rebuilding.
The Franz filter was installed, the oil WASNOT changed. Initially the T/P element was changed every 100 hours then 200 hours then 400 hours.
Oil samples were taken and analysed with every change.
The last report was that this engine showed no adverse wear as noted in the oil sample.
With improved filtration older engines are cleaned of harmful deposits that OEM filters can't/don't.
Brothers please consider that I was23 years of age when I did this projects and I'm 67 now, some facts may not be exact but the end rsults aren't.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!

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