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chain guid

help. let me apologize i n advance if this has been covered. i haven't looked. i am in the middle of a job and it is threatening to rain so i came here.

i am trying to remove the head from a 2.3 8 valve. the chain guide has some sort of fasteners that aren't hex, allen, or torx. looks like they might be threaded themselves right in the middle. the manual calls for some kind of impact tool. the dealer doesn't stock them it takes two weeks to get.

what is the tool? can i make one or something else which will work. is there a quick source for these???

also while we are at it i removed the large hex head from the tensioner. a spring came out but nothing else. is this normal? i can't find a seal or anything else. the chain didn't get very slack when i removed it. whats up???

thanks so much.

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