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Marc Lenssen
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Unhappy 1993 280E stalls and hicks up, HELP

Hello All,

My 1993 280E is devoling some problems and Im developing a decent headache.

I drive the car with great pleasure but since a few weeks she begins to stall at decelarating and to hickup during freeway driving at constant speed. The engine will try to cut out when coming to a standstil, most of the times she will and sometimes the idle will surge briefly and save the engine will remain running.
If she dies I can restart her directly without problems.

On constant speed she will hickup once or even a few times in a row. Especialy when the engine has warmed up and when hitting a bump in the road. This last part makes me think of a loose connection or sensor. I have replaced the OVP, fuel pump relay, air filter, spark plugs and let the Benz shop give her regular maintenance so I assume the fuel filter is replaced on time.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

If I could just get a hint on where to start looking for what I would already be grateful because I am now slowly loosing the fun of driving this car and the faith in this german engineering. The car has driven not even a 100K miles.

Hope to hear from anyone.

Thanks and greetings,
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