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Jerry McG
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I'm a former ASE Master Tech who's now an executive in the auto industry. Back in May I posted a concern about the alignment on my E430 Sport. In short, it tracked and handled fine, no tire wear, etc., but being the anal type that I am, I asked my (usually very competent) dealer to check it as part of the cars first "A" service at 12k miles. They returned the car with the steering wheel offset to the left when driving dead ahead, and a pronounced tendency to pull right. They re-alignmed it immediately, but now only 1500 miles later the left front tire shows significant wear and cupping on the outer edge of the tread (the right side is beginning to show the same wear as well, but far less pronounced). To me they've either set too much positive camber or too much toe-in. Any other ideas on what they've set improperly? Is there any key info I can suggest to them?