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Several questions.

Car is a 1989, 260E.
a) Hard cold start: When cold, it takes a very long cranking to get it going. For the first few seconds, it seems to be running on 2-3-4 cylinders, very rough. After a few seconds, everything clears-up and it runs perfect. It will sometimes dies on me during warm-up, (first traffic light when not fully warmed-up.) but will re-start easily.Never had any warm/hot start problem. It is not related to exterior temperature. -20C or +20C, same routine.
b) What is the best shock absorber to replicate the original ride/handling/comfort.
c) Cruise control: Engages OK, maintain steady speed, but there is always a little jerking taking place (very slight) except when going downhill where it jerks violently to the point I have to disengage it.

The car just had: valve guides/seals, new spark plugs,wires, dist. cap, rotor, oils. Above problems were existant before the job was done and there is no improvement/worsening since.
Your input/suggestions are appreciated.
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