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Auto Tran Fluid Overfill???

Took my car to Jiffy Lube for oil/filter (normally go to a Euro shop, was in a hurry). They mentioned the usual oil and tranny leaks and sent me on my way. I haven't checked the tranny fluid level since I acquired the car last fall. I searched this site and my owners manual, both of which confirm that I should be reading a fluid level of 10mm below the min line (I assume it's the lines at the very end of the stick) when engine is cold. I go to check the fluid on my cold engine (not driven in the last 3.5 hours), and discover a tranny flud level 20mm OVER the max line. Now from what I have read on this site, overfilling is a very bad thing. I don't think the Jiffy gang did this (heck, I think this was there first Mercedes to change the oil, much less know where the tranny check is), and therefore I am assuming I've been driving around like this for some time. Am I missing something? Fluid is a medium red, doesn't appear dirty. My shifts are abrupt under normal acceleration, made less abrupt if I slightly lift off the gas right before the auto's next gear shift.

I plan to do the more accurate check in the morning with the engine idling after a few minutes. But how quickly do I need to drain off the potential excess, if this is truly an overfill condition? I'll be pretty unhappy if the Euro shop from my previous fluid service is to blame

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