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It's about time Paul !

I thought you were right behind me with my head job. I was wondering if you had a major problem. Funny how great minds think a like or do the same stupid things. I also rolled over my gasket and oil leaked down arount the dist cap and I thought I didn't seal the cam well enough. Also had a little problem with my water level for the first week or so. I went back and retightened all my hoses that I replaced or put back on. Don't forget the one on the back of the head near the fire wall. I changed oil at five hundred miles TO GET OUT ALL THE JUNK OUT. My dip stick doesn't Move! I'm not getting quarts per mile any more. While I was under neath addressing the oil leaks I discovered 205K worth of steering linkage was shot. Went to Fastlane and replaced both tire rod assys, center link and shock dampener for under $200 dollars. Auto Zone lent me a tie rod pickle stick which was a great help. I retorqued my head bolts down again ( local Benz mech measured them and said they were still ok. If you pull those bolts off to clean your holes, get some expert advice on how to retorque the head down. You might have to untorque the rest of the bolts to resequence them.
Best of luck , keep me posted.

Mike V
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