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My 300E 1987 Mercedes was driven by
myself in a rainstorm and through a large
body of water (puddle) after which every
one of my trouble lights at the bottom of the
instrument panel came on and are remaining on-if anyone has any thoughts as to whether they water is the cause of my problem or what my problem might be, i am
hoping you will respond asap as i need to know if i am able to drive under such circumstances or whether i should have it
towed as i have to get to work. i have con
tacted my local service department and do not feel that i am speaking with a knowledg
eable service person. i was wondering if anyone has experienced such a problem and can enlighten me on what my car might be experiencing. i am a first time member/user of this board and i was not sure my first attempt processed through as my computer gave me an error so i apologize for the repeat question. thank you so much for any assistance i can get
regarding this situation.