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Placo1, I wonder to if the numbers I have are a little on the high side, I mean this engine as seen 176k+ miles, and the last 15k I put on it where a little heavy on the Accellerator pedal side.

The PO maintained the car as a fleet vehicle so it had a nice thick stack of receipts and services performed with checkups every 2 months.

Just goes to show those people out there considering a higher mile 500E to add to there stable, these engines will LAST a long, long time , just take care of the known issues.

Michael, Guido, are you guys going to publish that 500E / E500 "known problems and fixes" list?

As far as the numbers being good or bad, I believe a Hot test is more accurate than Cold as the cylinder walls, piston rings, etc. have all had a good chance to expand to operating temps.

Maybe this is your case? If anyone is curious I believe a "Leak-down" test is even more accurate and telling of the internal condition of the engine.

Can anyone verify?
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