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I don't know if there is a better product for cleaning injectors, etc. than Chevron's Techron, but do not buy it at a Chevron station. There is a more concentrated version available from auto parts or selected garages. The one I am referring to comes in a large container, but I do not know the size--something like a quart or so--and seems somewhat pricey, but it is more concentrated than the service station type, and therefore a lot less expensive. I do not use any type of additive and recall only one problem with my injectors on my '85 500SEL when we had a heavy rainstorm and my wife filled the car up--problem was, lots of water got into the station's tanks, then into my injectors. They paid for the repairs, but all the injectors had to be replaced. At the time, I almost considered changing my habit of buying gas wherever it was cheapest, but that was in 1996 and I have not had a problem since. Maybe the gas is better here in Texas. It certainly tends to be cheaper. I have never been too enthusiastic about additives. They remind me of the snake-oil peddlers in the old West. They must have changed with the times, but then there are all the hair and genital peddlers, too. What is next? Cloned babies? No, how could there be a market for clones when we throw away so many real ones as it is?
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