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Unhappy 300CE Hard Starting


New to the board. I use a similar board at Jeeps and this board looks like there is a ton of great info.

While I'm waiting for my Service Manuals to arrive, can someone give me some advice? I searched the archives for about an hour and got all kinds of great tips but still have 2 questions:

1. Everytime I start the 89 CE, it stalls. (I did wait a few seconds before starting it after I turn the key on to make sure fuel pressure is there). After one night with the fuel pressure guage on it, I have very little to no leakdown of fuel pressure (Car only has 50K on it).

The car starts fine the second time and it does this EVERY SINGLE time whether it's cold , hot, morning etc. It's just a quirk that I live with (until now). The car runs fantastic otherwise, has great pickup, no smoke etc so it's does not seem to be running rich etc., Plugs / wires etc look great. I've seen posts for the OVP and other things but I don't seem to have any "shaking" symptoms or rough idle that that seems to cause. I was just wondering if anyone has some tips on what this could be. After starting, the car does idle rough but only for 3-5 seconds or so which makes me think that it's fuel related but I'm just not familiar with the car as of yet.

2: (This one is just silly). I just bought this car from my uncle who babied it. And I'm actually a bit embarassed to ask him how the Fuel Door Opens ! I understand the central locking system "unlocks it" but I've been just getting my fingers between the seam and opening the fuel door with my hand. Is there a release or something for it. ??

Sorry for the long post.
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