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This is a problem that just started today: the temperature gage would slowly rise above the mark between 80 and 120 degrees, and once it got to a certain level the gage would jerk up and down above and below that white mark and at the same time the car would accelerate and decelerate as if I were pressing on the gas pedal and letting my foot off it in a rythmic motion once a second. This would occur with the A/C off or on, and I made sure that the cruise control was off. Although the car behaved much like a diesel with broken cruise. what could be causing this? I know warm temp around town means bad fan clutch and warm temp on the highway means bad radiator - this occured in mixted driving. And why the gage/erratic running connection? The motor doesn't run on any electrics, does it? This was happening between 30 and 60MPH.

Also, what would cause a strange wha-wha-wha-wha sound on acceleration ONLY in the first gear? Once the tranny shifts once the sound is gone?


Greg, '83 300D