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Marc Lenssen
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engine cut out at idle

Hello Dan Gillitzer,

I have read your replies in this threat with big anticipation. You are the first that describes the problems I have in a fitting way. I have a 93 280E (US 300E 2.8 I think) with ofcourse the 104 engine. Since a while I am having problems with the engine cutting out at slowing to a halt or coasting at a regular speed. The problem will not be there after a cold start, she will run fine. After warming up the engine and caosting at a nice pace on the highway the engine wil start to hick up without a sound, it feels more as if the car is hit witha gust of wind from the front. It will do this once or a few times in a row. This problem is more present when I hit a bump in the road, this will be immediatly followed by a hick up. If I come to a halt or slow down to very low caosting just before making a turn the engine may cut out without a sound or the idle will be safed by jumping up and then normalizing. If the idle does not fall through it is normal, 650 rpms in D. The idle is a little unstable but then the engine ahs done about 90000Miles so what could I expect.
I have sofar replaced the oVP, fuel pump relay, spark plugs, air filter (even tried a K&N replacement one). The car has had regular maintenance at the mercedes shop so I asume that the etrol filter has been exchanged at the time that it should be.
It seems as if the problem is getting more frequent over time.
I figured that I have to do with a loose wire or sensor since the problem will be apparent when hitting a bump but if I run the car at idle and fiddle everything that I can see under the hood, or even hammer it to copy a bump, I can not reproduce the problem.
Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Could it be a loose wire or a vacuum in the fuel system?

I am not very technical so please, if anyone has answers or question keep it slightly in laymans terms.

I would be gratefull for any suggestion or info.

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