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Trans problems

Thank you very much for the info guy's, I purchased this car from the orig. owners with approx 50k miles on the OD. The car was serviced at the local Benz dealer and never altered in any way.I haven't adjusted the shift cable, so I leaning towards a possible vacuum leak. As I stated before, this problem appeared all-of-sudden. Which leads me to believe a parts failure of some sort. I DO need to change the transmission fluid, even though it's very clean with 98k miles on it now. As far as the cooling problem, it reached the high 70's here in N.C. yesterday and the temp. went to around 110*......I quess thats O.K. I would like to ask one more question, my expansion valve sprung a leak and needs replacing. Can it be accessed under the steering column? Is it necessary to pull the whole dash assy. out? Thank again guy's!!
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