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Thaks Mark.....

Thaks for the tips Mark.

Plugs are recent (Bosh) but did'nt help. I think you may be on track with the cap/rotor. The car did sit alot and even though it only has 50K, I figured I would replace them along with the wires. Although I did put some injector cleaner in, I'll try the brand you mentioned.

Thanks for the "gas door info".

Beleive it or not, Your car was what prompted me to buy the CE from my Uncle. I was doing a search on the web for the "larger 2- door" that I saw (SEC I think,,) and came across several CE's including yours. Nice car and nice choice of upgrades. I've got a set of Euro Headlights for mine, "newer style" taillights like yours. I'm just trying to decide on Wheels. I'm leaning toward a 5-spoke but not sure how I feel about the looks of them on the car as opposed to something like a stock 8-hole. (Thanks goodness for TireRack..).

I've got a 91 Jaguar XJS V-12 that was my "weekend car" but they are just so "un-cost effective" and "slightly less than reliable for long trips". The Benz is so much more "solid".

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