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Question Cleaning the battery area

Hi, All

I have had my MB now for more than a year and need to do some cleaning around the battery.

It does not look bad there, but I have not removed the battery yet so there might be a surprise hidden underneath.

Anyway, I normally clean a battery and it's immediate environment with a hot solution of water and plenty of baking soda. The baking soda neutralises any acidity in and around the battery (quite a foamy mess when the baking soda reacts with any acid - but sorts it out nicely).

In a nice and open environment around the battery this does not pose a problem - in the MB I do not know if there is any drain for the water that will end up in that area.

Obviously I'll steer clear of the relays and goodies hidden behind the plastic cover.

Will anything drown because there is no drain to get rid of the water ?

Any other ideas for cleaning without creating a small swimming pool in the firewall ?

If I end up with bare metal below the battery - any special acid resistant paint that I can use to get things nice and painted ?

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