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Radiator plugged after 2 years

'87 300D, purchased in August 2001. The car has always run warmer than I thought it should, by 5-10C. I have a receipt from the prev. owner for a radiator in Feb'00 and Mar'00 - coolant leak and towing charges each time. Its a star marked Behr. In Apr'01 the prev. owner changed the coolant to decool. In Oct-Nov'01 one morning after it got cold, I had to fill the coolant resevoir because it went dry (coolant light was on when I started it in the mroning). In Jan'01 I flushed the system with prestone flush, changed the t-stat, filled with 50/50 MB coolant and distilled water, and changed the ATF while I was at it. That dropped the temp about 5C - it never goes past 100C. (I think there was too much coolant and not enough water). Last night I flushed the system again, with MB citric acid powder. I noticed there were hot/cold spots in the radiatior, and the mechanic confirmed it this morning. Now, with 100% distilled water and 50F ambient temps car runs 95-99C on the freeway with the heater on MAX. The coolant comes out clean, the car idles smooth and has plenty of power. There are no unusual exhaust smoking problems.

Is this a sign of problems to come? What's going on?

I'm all set to buy a Nissens radiator instead of a Behr, I hear they are just as good and cheaper.

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