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Distilled water for cooling systems

I hate beating a dead horse, but what is the net-wisdom on distilled water mixed 50/50 with MB antifreeze for MB cooling systems?

Some forum members have said, don't use distilled water because it can cause corrosion. But isn't that only if used 100%? If mixed with MB antifreeze, doesn't the corrosive property go away.

I'm torn because job 20-010 of the MB M104 Engine Service Manual states:

"Use water which is clean and not too hard. Drinking water fequently, but not always, satisifes requirements. The content of dissovled substances in the water may lead to corrosion. If in doubt, use distilled water."

Is the above still MB's official word, or has it been superceeded?

Thanks in advance,
:-) neil
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BTW- here's a link of the actual text, scroll down to bottom:

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