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That's pretty messed up - to rip the whole grill off and smash it just to steal the star. Some people's kids need a beating or two - the ones mommy & daddy never gave them when they were little to teach them how to behave themselves.

Personally I was pretty surprised when I first discovered that the whole grill is one big piece of plastic with only a few small of pieces of chromed metal trim. I can see where it would be pretty easy to grab hold of it at the bottom corners and rip it off pretty cleanly.

Somehow I expected more from a 20 year old Benz. Like an all aluminum grill assembly with a few small pieces of chrome trim - or something...

However, since it is all insulating plastic with metal trim bars, you could always hook up an electric fence type unit to the metal bars. That would give the little b@$t@rds a nasty surprise if they dared lay a hand on it again!
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