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Bob Cavazos
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The drivers door doesn't turn on the interior (overhead) lights when the door is opened (yes the dash sw is in the correct postion). Also the buzzer will not sound when the key is left in the ignition or if the lights are left on. The passenger door seems to work all of the above fine, except it won't lock the trunk and drivers door when the lock is engaged.

The interior floor lamp on the driver's side DOES illuminate when the driver's door is opened.

My fear is that the alarm system will not work if the driver's door is opened.

It doesn't seem like the door switch is defective as the floor light does come on as designed. Is it possible that a connector has been disconnected somewhere? I haven't owned the car for very long, so the previous owner may have had the buzzer unplugged (which actually isn't a problem so long as the alarm works).

Feedback is appreciated.

Bob Cavazos