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Ticking noise from a/c blower fan

I have a 93 W124, M104 engine. I did a search on a/c blower fans, and most of the indications of a blower fan going out are a chirping or screeching noise.

My noise is a faint ticking sound, coming from the center vents, that goes up and down with the speed of the fan. It's much like the kind of sound when you were a kid and you put a card in the spokes of your bicycle spokes.

It's not loud, but is very annoying when the radio is off or the volume is low, and your not driving very fast. If I'm on the freeway and the radio is on, it muffles the ticking noise.

It's driving me crazy. I suppose some debris could have fallen in there, or something is going out that needs to be replaced.

How do I get in there to look around?

What could be going out?

Paul S.

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