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Well that will do it, one time out of two.

I sure would start by removing the rocker assemblies so that the valves will stay closed. Then figuring that you have only moved it a small amount I would go to TDC. Guestimate it from the key but eventually you will need to be accurate when you correct the gear. Now you must decide whether you are slightly off from number 1 cylinder or #6 by the orietation of the valves. On older motors you would just set the cam to number one but ignition is created off the crank sensor's reading of the flywheel and there is only one number one on it, so you can't set the cam up right if the engine is wrong..

If you get it wrong turn the motor 360 degrees and take the cam gear back off and it will look like six. take the gear off and move the cam to one and reassemble.

I could be all wrong about this but I am pretty sure this is the way it will work.
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