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Marc Lenssen
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Thanks a lot Dan.

Hello Dan,

Thanks a lot for all this information. I will check up on the areas that you mentioned. I have asked the benz dealer to check for error codes but they said that there were none. They also told me that they replaced the OVP. Maybe I should make really sure and replace it myself so at least I am really certain that it has happened. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to making money.

At least it is not a carburretor engine but a modern 24 valve one.

Yesterday I took out the airmass meter, it looks like a very thin copper plate with three or four flat steel plates soldered on to it. It is about half an inch high and even less in width and is about 2 mm thick. What I did found out is that the clamp that holds the housing of the metertight into the following rubber sleeve was fairly loose, thus giving the possibility of false air being sucked in after the air mass meter. An other thing is that the hick ups at caosting doesn´t really start then after coasting on a nice speed (90-95 Mph). If I hit the freeway and coast at only 60 miles it seems to take much longer before the hick up starts. After it starts theer is no stopping. The wiring I agree with since the hickup can almost be provoked by hitting a bump, this does sound like something mechanical.

I will try what you suggested and let you know the outcome.

Thanks a lot,

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