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repairs again?

Reporting charging system failure. 1990 300e 133000 miles. srs and abs dash lights come on while driving. Not to long after car go's dead. The car manual indicates charging is under 10 volts. Ok , towing insurance is great. Read your article on oil getting on alternator brushes from head gasket or front covers. If my leaky motors headgasket is failing but the motor still has good power, can the car be trusted on a long trip? Again I ask, how much oil usage is to much? Should I drive this car hard like I like to, or baby it? The car is fun to drive, more like a sports car of some sort. Dependability and cost of repairs are unsettling. Also I must say that even small repairs seem intimidateing, and they must be to real mechanics also because they fire out some real big prices. I could only afford a Benz that was over ten years old, but I must say of all of them I looked at , I don't rmember one with a clean engine. So I say MB is a fine coach builder but marginal engine maker.
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