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I agree Scott

I agree 100% with Scott,

My 300CE is my first MB. Currently I have a 91 Jaguar XJS V-12 Euro Spec car, which is a very "hungry beast" when it comes to parts. As a fromer "Domestic" mechanic" I'm very pleased at the prices of most parts for the Benz.

As far as the brake pads go, I would'nt understand either why someone would go with the "cheaper pads" when the quality ones are only "pennies more".

As a side note: I'm also very surprised at how easy (for the most part) this car is to work on. I've recently done plugs, wires, cap, rotor, Removed radiator, flushed and replaced, replaced fan clutch etc. Just getting ready to do the brakes.
Honestly, I love the look/speed of the Jag. If I only could get it to run and handle as "tight" as the MB, I'd have something.
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