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vacuum pump for door locks...

Hey everyone! yea, the vacuum pump that locks all the doors in my car is shot. A used replacement from potomac is going to cost me $60! A new one is selling for around $200!!!!! With that said, im thinking about hacking up a replacement myself. 12v pumps can be had for $10 at your local WalMart, but I need some help. I took apart the old pump, and its basically a motor and a circuit board. The board seems fine, and is pumping current to the motor, but the motor has that just burnt smell, and refuses to move. I can't take the motor housing apart, as it is a solid unit, soo... I figure id adapt a small tire pump to do the trick. Does anyone know anything about the door lock vacuum pump under the rear bench? Some PSI numbers would just be great. Even if someone could give me a safety range for the pump, so that I don't bust all the locks with too much pressure. Basically, plese tell me anything and everything you know about the vacuum pump for the locks!!! Thanks!!!!
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