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radio/antenna question


I am thinking very seriously of adding an RF cd changer to my 83 300D with the becker europa cassette. Before I start taking all sorts of things apart, and spending money, Im looking for a bit of info, mainly regarding the antenna function. I would like to maintain the function of the dashboard button antenna height control. I would liek to know if anyone is familiar with the connections on the back of this radio, and theconnections on an RF modulator box. Apparently the antenna has 5 wires going into it. The newer ones have three, and do not allow for function of the dashboard switch. I suppose this menas that the dash switch has two wires that go to the antenna to make it go up and down, and the other three are for the radio power up/down and tuning. How many wires go from the radio to the antenna directly? are there 5 connected between the two, or only three? I am worried about loosing the switch function, but if the pushbutton controls come in later on, and are somewhat independent of the radio connections, then I dont have to worry about it.
If anyone else has installed one of these before, whereis the best place to install an RF changer? I was thinking under the first aid kit in the trunk, so its away from water, and luggage space. I am also curious about powering the changer. Does it draw power through the radio power connection, and thus the RF box? Or will Ineed to splicein another power connection.

Any clarification of this would be great. I really want to keep the OEM functionality of the antenna, because I just got a rebuilt one that cost over a hundred dollars, and so I want to be sure that everything that it can do, i.e. the power up/down button on the dash remains. Might sound goofy, but I want to ensure that I have that ability, since I paid for it...

Thanks for any help,

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