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Thank you (got your email, BTW). Car started without OVP. I jumpered (while running) the 30 pin to 87 pin and car immediately idled up and more steady (just "stronger" is how I'd put it). Kind of sounds like the OVP is my problem.

While I had the OVP out, I went ahead and cleaned all the contacts on the OVP and fuse contacts. When I put it back in it ran great, drove it around and all was good. I was thinking, "Well, maybe the contacts were just bad." Drove the car later and was back to the same old tricks.

Will order a new OVP tomorrow.

By the way, the date stamp is 1990 (my car is a 1991) so it must be the original OVP (I've only had it 6 months). It was also the Austrian model, which I've heard is somewhat inferior anyway.

Thanks, brookspw
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