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POS ? !

Damn, the truth is most car owners are POS to expect finely engineered, high tolerence, intricate mechanical systems to function flawlessly and forever in a state of abuse, neglect, and ignorrance. You've got to be kidding ****s' happening and you wonder? if you should drive it hard, maybe on a long trip. The average auto consumer is much better off paying ad infinitum for disposable **** boxes and the automotive industrial system's mechanical apptitude challenged, part swapping techs. True appreciation of quality automobiles is like like that of a fine aged single malt, its something that must be cultivated not simply acquired.

I hope no one takes my opinion as a personal offence because it is not meant so. But when I see, hear, or read some things sometimes it reminds me of an old adage:

It is sometimes better to remain silent and let people think you to be the fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt!

My emotional outburst is in no way the type of reply that you should expect as you participate with the thousands of others in this forum, as most are much better mannered than I and would never even bother to respond. Good luck! Or better still spread your gospel far and wide because there are many waiting to own and/or scavange the cars you don't appreciate and that supply is ever shrinking!

P. S.,Taking on the challenge of performing the maintenance and repair of these vehicles has rewards far greater than saving money; you might be pleasantly surprised at much of the subtle engineering beauty that underlies the artistry, comfort, performance, and longevity qualities that so many, around world, have come to value and appreciate.

I apologize and thanks for the edits Mr. Moderator.

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