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Place any MB made in the last 30 years next to most any other car, you will see the differences in actual look, feel and quality of materials, fit and finish, and overall driving satisafction.

Most any car's besides a mercedes to me feel light, and unsafe...

To me if a car isn't maintained and it breaks down, it doesn't matter what car it is, any car will break down if not maintained.

Too many people are sold on so-called maintenace free crap. If these things didn't need mainteance they would be perfect.

Show me anything mechanical with moving parts that doesn't need maintenance, and I'll show you something that is perfectly engineered and truly unbreakable. Its a myth, and it will most likely never happen in our lifetimes or our children's lifetimes. Even the human body needs to be maintained. Don't feed it and it withers away and dies. Don't maintain a car, and it too will wither away and die slowly.

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