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Re: Recommended ATF for 190E 1988 2.3

Saqib Ali:

The dealer I spoke to recommends Mercon-Dexron III. They carry Valvoline at their parts counter. Haynes manual recommends Mercon-Dexron II, and the owners manual recommends MB Transmission Fluid only. I have the same year and model car. I suggest getting the best you can get your hands on in a synthetic oil. There are great products from companies like Lubro Moly, Red Line, etc...

This topic is often debated and what it boils down to is opinion and if you want my opinion, I really don't know enough about the various oils, as I don't have a laboratory to do testing nor do I know how. But like anything else, I like to buy the best and I don't go cheap especially on any lubricants. The first brand of sythetic oils I ever used was Mobil 1 (engine oil) in my BMW and that was a condition imposed on me from the previous owner. He said if I wanted to buy the car I would have to promise that I would use Mobil 1 religiously otherwise he was not interested in selling me the car, as he had pampered it and it only had approximately 45000 miles on the odometer. I gave him my word and I kept my word, and ever since then I've used nothing but synthetic with no problems. It could be my imagination, but cars seem to run smoother with these oils.

Hope this helps
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