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I have owned both at one time or another. I prefer the 210.

I have heard this "they don't build this model as good as they built the last model" BS since the 123 came out. I heard a number of people say that the 123 was not near the car that the 114 was. They said that Benz was just cutting corners and going down the tube. I had two 114's and they don't hold a candle to a 123. I heard this again when the 124 came out, about how it was nothing compared to a 123, and so on, and so on..........

This is just old wives tale stuff. The cars benefit from newer technology with every design and they all have an achilles heel of some kind.

I certainly wouldn't condemn a particular model based on the console latch material.

If I were buying a new 124 or 210 at the same price, I'd take the 210 any day.

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