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To Lucky

Do you have any further info on the TSB? I have the same problem you desribed but MB refused to repaint it under warranty. Now, the metal is rotting away.
DDAF88 50 U 200AUG 99 Corrosion at trunk lid in area of lock cylinder
DDAF98 10 U 200AUG 99 Paint damage to trunk lid in area of grip
DDAF88 50 U 201JAN 99 Corrosion in rear hinge recesses

What really gets me is that MBUSA and its dealers pretend that they know NOTHING about the problems even though the TSBs are there. What a service! Shame!

The W210 has more room inside and more room in the trunk than the W124.
Measure the depth of the trunk (in the direction along the length of the car) for the W124 and then W210. You will be surprised how much deeper the W124 truck is.
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