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valve cover gasket replacement

i am replacing the valve cover gasket in an '84 190e with 2.3 8valve engine, 102.961. the new gasket i have has a half round rubber in the front that fits snuggly in the head. the gasket i removed is gone, don't ask. anyway the valve cover i have has a half round in the front also. the two half rounds form a circle. i know that i have an expansion plug, part number, that came off of the head. it has a gasket? in the middle of it.

the new gasket, for the valve cover, is flat on the bottom and has a raised groove to fit the valve cover but there is no part for the front half round in the cover, it is straight across there. it doesn't look as if the expansion plug fits the valve cover very well. it does fit the head.

maybe that is why so much oil was leaking from it. am i missing something here? do i have the wrong gasket or the wrong expansion plug? any help would be appreciated.

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