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I have put a lot of money into my 560sel restoring it to full glory. I could have bought a Lexus for what I have invested. Most of it was stuff that proper maintenance would have taken care of, had it been done on a regular basis - which it was not. Was it worth it? - you bet! I could drive down the street in a Lexus and not turn any heads - the SEL style still turns heads. The feeling of driving a car that drives like a dream with the star emblem on the curved hood staring at you as you drive - you can't beat the feelin!! Would I do it again??? - in a heartbeat - but on a 560SL!! Never saw a Benz with a clean engine?? - you can eat off of mine - It's called engine cleaning is regular maintenance. All my VW diesels have spotless engine compartments - because they are cleaned regularly. Want to see a grungy mess- don't clean a diesel engine!! I don't care what kind of car you have - if it is over 10 years old - you will have problems. My daily winter driver is an 80 Olds Delta 88 - in the past year I have put brakes, master cylinder, water pump, fuel pump, alternator, new hoses, new belts, new distributor computer, new plugs, wires, rotor, cap, etc etc - Is it a POS - Nope - just normal maintenance. Just because you have an older car with the MB Logo on it does not mean - "I am a great car - I never need service". Granted repairs done by an MB shop are expensive - But so was the car and all it's technology when it was made!! This forum has made the repairs that would normally be an arm and a leg - much more palatable. One thing about a Benz - you can luv em or hate em. If you are bitten by the bug - you'll luv em!!!
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