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steve hutson
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I now have an 87300tdt and a 99E300 turbodiesel , and I agree with DTF that they are such completely different cars that it is hard to make valid comparisons. Without a doubt, the 124 drives ,sounds, feels,looks like a more solid car. On the other hand, the 210 is much easier to drive in town due to the much lighter feel to everything. The accelleration in the 99 car is incredible--the engine has no shortcomings whatsoever. I don't like the bulbous body styling of the 210. To me, it makes the car wider for no reason, as if someone overfilled a baloon.
As to the choice of which car to buy if available new, no doubt---
the 87 wagon wins hands down. It is just a masterpiece of engineering and manufacturing.
The truth is I probably won't miss the 210 when it is gone .It just seems that too many marketing considerations were made in building the car. I agree with the comments regarding cheap plasticky interior components, creaky seat frames, lesser paint quality. As far as roominess of the trunk goes, the smaller decklid
in the newer car makes the trunk less usefull.
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