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How MBZ get's around a design flaw

I had the same symptoms with my 1995 e320w and took it to the dealer since it was still under the 100K emmsion warranty in Calif. The dealer first said that the pick-up magnet on the flywheel had fallen off and the trany would have to come out. I guess when I looked at him with my "You must be smoking something" look he went back to his service forman get a better answer. The answer was that I needed a new wiring harness and it would take 12 hours to install. I had the head of my 300TD in half the time. I did not beleive the answer and decided to wait and call MBZ customer service. The next day the dealer called and said they would cover it under warranty. I did some more research and found this to be a common problem do to a change int he insullation wiring spec for a couple of years. This should be a recall item. My uncle who had the identicle problem took it to his local gas station and had the mechanic install it for him. He bought the wiring harness and by the mechanic. It took 2 HOURS for the uncertified mechanic to installit at a cost of $190.
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